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You Have the Power to Change Their Lives

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Brighter Tomorrow

Donate to help the Togolese children. You can make a general donation to support efforts such as the feeding center and schooling or you can sponsor a child directly!

Sponsor a Child Today

Our Village Children


A. Ablam- Charles
A. Ablam- Charles
A. Kokouvi- Abel
Not Sponsored
A. Kokouvi - Abel
A. Adjo- Alice
Not Sponsored
A. Adjo - Alice
Afanvi- Aime
Not Sponsored
K. Kossi- Angele
Not Sponsored
A. Kossi - Angélo
Amessa- Afivi
Not Sponsored
AMESSA - Afivi
K. Ablavi- Delphine
Not Sponsored
A. Ablam- A. Ablavi - Delphine
Akakpo- Kossivi
Not Sponsored
AKAKPO - Kossivi
A. Yawa- Sandra
Not Sponsored
A. Yawa - Sandra


Q. What is TBW's goal with the Sponsor a Child Program?
The primary goal of TBW is to provide for the physical, social, educational, and spiritual
needs of the children in such a way that allows them to become a thriving, contributing
member of their society. Along with satisfying their immediate needs, we work to
create a learning environment that helps them become independent members of
society, instead of becoming dependent on others to meet their needs.
Q. As a sponsor, how will my money be used?
● Your monthly contributions ensure that your sponsored child gets first priority to
resources such as food, clothing, shelter, and enrichment programs. In addition, your
regular giving helps to feed up to 100 children living in the village (and the surrounding
areas) who otherwise might not have food to eat.
● Occasionally we become aware of specific needs that your sponsored child might have (school fees, health concerns, transportation, etc.). If you choose to donate additional funds for these specific needs, then that money goes directly towards fulfilling that need for your child. 
Q. Once I'm a sponsor, how can I interact with the child I'm sponsoring?
As a sponsor, you will be assigned a particular child with whom you are encouraged to
build a personal relationship through prayer, letters, live streaming events scheduled
through TBW, and of course your financial contributions.
Q. How else does Trees by the Water serve the Children of Alouenou Village and their community? Are there other ways I can contribute financially?
Yes! You can find our more about what we're doing for these communities and where your money goes on our general donation page.