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Planting Seeds of Change Today

for a Brighter Tomorrow

In Togo, West Africa


We've helped hundreds of children over the years with nutrition, school fees and supplies, clothing, medical attention, encouragement, companionship and guidance for their futures. But it doesn't stop there...


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Our Partners

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Care

Feeding the Children

Many children do not have parents or guardians who are financially capable of providing for their meals. We work hard to make sure that every child is able to have at least one nutritious meal a day at our feeding center.

Agricultural Innovation

With best agricultural practices and innovation, the Togolese are able to not only feed their entire community but also use the surplus to boost their economic security.

Educational Support

We work with our partners to provide literacy and educational support for school-aged children, helping them to better thrive in their academic pursuits.

Trades and Apprenticeships

We encourage and support our older students in pursuing investments in their careers and securing their futures. Finishing high school or an apprenticeship in a trade paves the way to a successful transition to independent living after secondary school.

Basic Health Care Education

We teach both children and families basic healthcare practices that allow these villagers to lead healthier, happier lives. We also provide mental health services such as counseling to better support our villagers.

Spiritual Connection

As we help children become stronger and healthier physically, emotionally, and academically, we also aim to encourage them to become strong and resilient spirits.  In these ways, we prepare them for a better future.  We want them to have healthy relationships with God and others. 

What We Do

Current Projects

Pineapple Farm
An Economic Resource For Togo

In order to boost the economic livelihood of our supported villages, we started planting pineapple farms, which are perfectly supported by the West African climate of Togo. With two already planted, your donations allow for further cultivation of the land and other agricultural advancements in the area.