Sponsorship FAQ:

Children of Alouenou Village                                    A work of Trees by the Water and the JESDDI Association in Togo

As a sponsor, how will my money be used?

● The primary goal of TBW is to provide for the physical, social, educational, and spiritual
needs of the children in such a way that allows them to become a thriving, contributing
member of their society. Along with satisfying their immediate needs, we work to
create a learning environment that helps them become independent members of
society, instead of becoming dependent on others to meet their needs.
● As a sponsor, you will be assigned a particular child with whom you are encouraged to
build a personal relationship through prayer, letters, live streaming events scheduled
through TBW, and of course your financial contributions.
● Your monthly contributions ensure that your sponsored child gets first priority to
resources such as food, clothing, shelter, and enrichment programs. In addition, your
regular giving helps to feed up to 100 children living in the village (and the surrounding
areas) who otherwise might not have food to eat.
● Occasionally we become aware of specific needs that your sponsored child might have (school fees, health concerns, transportation, etc.). If you choose to donate additional funds for these specific needs, then that money goes directly towards fulfilling that need for your child. 
● We currently have two employees who live at/near the Children’s Center in Alouenou
Village. These two caregivers are on duty each day, and on call every night, to help the
children and their families with any needs that may arise. Some of their responsibilities
include helping the children with homework, facilitating food storage and usage,
supporting the “mommies” during food prep and meal time, helping to plant and
maintain the village garden, assisting with enrichment programs, and record keeping
about conversations with the children concerning their physical, emotional, and spiritual
well being. These employees communicate daily with JESDDI about what goes on each
day, and we pay a locally appropriate salary for their full-time work.

What portion of my money is used for administration purposes?

● Those who administrate from the USA on behalf of Trees by the Water do not receive
any compensation for their time, since all are volunteers. At this time, the personnel of
JESDDI, our partner organization in Togo, are also volunteering their time. Funds that
are needed in Togo to accomplish specific aspects of caring for the children, such as the
costs of transporting food or persons and costs of communication between Togo and the
U.S., are covered as part of the sponsorship program.

● We work to minimize the impact of these expenses upon the dollars available for care of
the children. Should additional administrative funds be necessary for a specific task, or
when we desire to give an honorarium to the members of JESDDI in respect of their time
and effort invested (and in acknowledgement that they also support our mutual work at
CAV by adding their own personal donations from their means), TBW relies upon
individual donors who feel led to contribute specifically for these purposes.

How else does Trees by the Water serve the Children of Alouenou Village and their community? 
● Our view is that a healthy community produces healthy and happy children; therefore,long-term efforts to encourage a more sustainable way of life are imperative.
● In an effort to help the current children of CAV learn to be contributing members of
society, TBW would like to incorporate a few established programs for long-term health
and development of the children and their families. At this time, these programs are
only possible through private donations specifically given for this purpose.
● Some of the programs we would like to incorporate into our regular educational routine
○ CHE (Community Health Evangelism) - This is a developmental program that
teaches local community leaders how to identify their own needs and how to
mobilize the community to use local resources to achieve positive, sustainable
results. This program offers practical knowledge to address specific community
health needs, while explaining our reason for hope - that God is ultimately the
answer to both our spiritual needs as well as physical needs. Both Trees by the
Water leaders and JESDDI leaders have been trained in CHE methods. For a
description of CHE and its benefits, please visit www.chenetwork.org.
○ FPS (Food Plan Solutions) - The Food Plant Solutions project is designed to
address malnutrition through the use of readily available and local food sources.
It identifies food plants that are local to specific communities and therefore
suited to the environment. These plants are high in nutrients, and they grow with
minimal input. This is a sustainable solution that empowers people in need, not
just for now, but into the future.
Trees by the Water has established a relationship with FPS to produce
informational publications for southern, tropical areas of Togo. We will then be
able to use these to encourage families to grow nutritional plants at home and
consume them, to prevent the lifelong effects of malnutrition on children. For
more information on FPS, please visit www.foodplantsolutions.org.

○ Filter of Hope - Filter of Hope is a nonprofit organization in the USA whose
mission is to take clean water and God’s love to those in desperate need of both.
As the website of Filter of Hope explains, “thousands of children die [globally]
every week because they drink contaminated water, and over 4 billion people
currently face eternity separated from God.” Trees by the Water is in the process
of developing a partnership with Filter of Hope. You can visit their website at
www.filterofhope.org. Once the partnership is established, you will be able to
donate funds to TBW for the purchase, shipping, and delivery of water filters to
families in our area of Togo who do not have access to clean drinking water.
Each life-saving water filter can provide 250 gallons of clean water a day for ten
years, and they are easily scalable to help an entire village.

Other than sponsoring a child, are there other ways I can financially contribute to TBW?

● The more connected TBW becomes with the Children of Alouenou Village and their
families, the more we learn about specific needs. We would like to have a specific fund
established to address immediate/occasional needs such as:
o When a child becomes sick and needs to visit a doctor.
o When a child requires medication for a temporary or on-going illness.
o When a child needs surgery for a life-threatening illness.
o When a child has the opportunity to train under an apprentice to learn a specific
o When a child could benefit by having a bike for traveling to and from school.
● The above needs are all examples of occasions that TBW would raise additional funds
(not sponsorship money) to take care of specific, immediate concerns. At this time, TBW
collects money one at a time for children facing such needs.

Are my contributions tax deductible?

We are delighted to report that TBW is in the final stages of applying for 501(c)3 charitable
donation status under U.S. law. Lord willing, as this process concludes, we should be able to
provide tax receipts for all donations made in 2021 and in years following, upon request.