Sponsor a Child

A. Ablam - Charles

Age: 11 

 Date of Birth: March 7, 2010 

 Grade Level: Secondary 1 (7th grade) 

 Lives with: Charles is a fatherless child. Following an illness, his father died about 3 years ago and his mother is in charge of 4 children. He lives exclusively with his mother who is a young woman with a low income. 

 Personal Information: Charles is always smiling and very attached to his sisters. He is very willing to help his mother with housework in exchange for food. 

 Interests: Charles enjoys sports, music, and dancing. One day he hopes to become a mason and build things.

A. Kokouvi - Abel

Age: 17 

 Date of Birth: December 28, 2004 

 Grade Level: Secondary 2 (8th grade) 

Lives with: Abel is one of seven children on his mother's side. He lost his father at a very young age and lives with his brothers and sisters with their mother. 

 Personal Information: Abel is a very healthy child who applies himself to his studies. However, the difficulties their mother has in covering their daily needs alone affect him a lot. As a result, he is often quiet and reserved. 

Interests: Abel enjoys sports, especially soccer. He does not enjoy reading, because it is very difficult for him. One day he hopes to become a tile mason in order to earn enough money to live in a beautiful home.

A. Adjo - Alice

Age: 10

Date of Birth: January 10, 2011  

Grade Level: Primary 5 (5th grade) 

Lives with: Alice lives with her father who is advanced in age (over 65). She is motherless. She sleeps with 5 other children in a room.

Personal Information: Alice is a calm girl who doesn't look for problems with others. She is respectful and loves school. She does well in school. She enjoys having fun with her family.

Interests: Alice enjoys singing, dancing, and playing instruments. One day she hopes to become a hairdresser.

A. Yawa - Sandra

Age: 9

Date of Birth: August 20, 2012

Grade Level: Primary 3 (3rd grade)

Lives with: Sandra lives in the same room with her mother and older brother.  

Personal Information: Sandra's father gave up custody of the family, so they are dependent on the mother's sporadic income. In 2020 her brother became very ill and the family had to move to a small village.  Since moving, her mother has not been able to find regular work that provides enough money to feed the family. 

Interests: Sandra enjoys music and sports. One day she hopes to become a tailor and make beautiful clothes for people.

A. Kossi - Angélo


Date of Birth: January 27, 2018 

Grade Level: Has not started school yet Lives with: Angelo is the second of 3 siblings. The mom and dad are both farmers with irregular income. 

Personal Information: Angelo's father abandoned his family, so Angelo lives with his mother and siblings.  The family does not have enough means to provide for the needs necessary for the child's growth. The living conditions include malnutrition and lack of appropriate  health care for  the good development of the children. This makes Angelo seem to be a sick child all the time.  This has had a big impact on Angelo's development. 

Interests: Angelo is a lively and curious child. We would love to find a sponsor who could ensure that he receives the proper nutrition that will help him grow strong and healthy.

A. Ablavi - Delphine

Age: 10

Date of Birth: December 19, 2010

Grade Level: Primary 5 (5th grade) 

Lives with: Delphine is fatherless. She lives with her mother in their village called Aloenou Gbaguidito. She and one other child are entirely dependent on her mother.  The mother does not have a fixed income which makes it difficult to provide for the children.

Personal Information: Delphine enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She is respectful and loves school.  She works hard, goes to classes regularly, and gets good grades.

Interests: Delphine enjoys all kinds of sports, music, and dancing.   One day she would like to become a doctor to help the sick.


Age:  12

Date of Birth:  March 27, 2009

Grade Level: Primary 6 (6th grade) 

Lives with: Amie lives with his grandparents and younger brother. 

Personal Information: Aime's parents abandoned him when he was less than a year old.  He has been living with his grandparents since then.  His grandparents are getting older in age, and providing as farmers has become very difficult.  

Aime is a very polite and respectful boy. He is very calm and curious.  He enjoys reading and does well in school. 

Interests: Aime  enjoys music, singing, and dancing. He also enjoys playing soccer and running. He would like to learn how to play percussion instruments such as the tam-tam, gong, and castanets.  When Aime gets older, he would like to become a doctor so that "when people get sick and their illness will get worse, I will go and heal them." 

AMESSA - Afivi


Date of Birth

Grade Level: Primary 3 (3rd grade)

Lives with: Afivi has been living with her grandmother since she was a year old.  Her father abandoned her, and her mother left to find work and never returned. 

Personal Information: Afivi's grandmother takes care of 7 children.  The grandmother is a farmer; however, her income is very unstable due to her age and other responsibilities. 

Afivi is a quiet, respectful, and very kind young lady. 

Interests: Afivi enjoys music, dancing, and singing.  She also enjoys reading and running as a sport.  One day she would like to become a hairdresser. 

AKAKPO - Kossivi

Age: 8

Date of Birth:

Grade Level: Primary 2 (2nd grade)

Lives with: He has lived with his grandmother since his father died when Kossivi was young. 

Personal Information:  Kossivi's grandmother works as a farmer, with a low income that can barely support the 7 children in her care. 

Interests: Kossivi enjoys singing and sports... especially playing soccer.  He enjoys building things, so one day he would like to become a mason.