Our Partners

JESDDI: Jeunes Elites au Service du Developpement Durable et Integral


JESDDI was founded in 2015 as an organization with the goal of serving children at risk. They serve in the field of human rights and the protection of children. Their services include: Setting up and management of projects; monitoring and evaluation of projects; and technical support training. They are the "boots on the ground"!


Back row (left to right): GNAKPO Samuel (Pastor), KOUWONOU William (Info.Tech.), FIAH Seth (Vice President), KPELLY Gilles (President), Front row: GLUADJIE Jeanne (Secretary), KUESSAN Cedric (Treasurer).

Points of Cooperation and Working Together:

  • JESDDI members travel to the village weekly or at minimum once every two weeks. They distribute, organize, and oversee the food distribution and preparation, as well as the "mommies" in the village who cook the food.
  • JESDDI handles all purchasing of food and supplies, producing full accounting for all funds transmitted.
  • They plan lessons to teach to villagers and children about health topics and spiritual topics.
  • They oversee daily work of two hired child assistants in the village.
  • They handle social work issues such as interventions in family conflicts, rescues of children from unsafe situations, assistance between teenage children and their parents or relatives to plan a course of action for the child's future.
  • They arrange medical treatment of members of the community as necessary, overseeing payment.
  • They handle the relationships with chief and elders of the community.