Founded by one, but surrounded and supported by many.

Sharon Holst

Sharon's desire to follow God's call led her to Togo in 2019 and 2020.

As reluctant leaders go, I would be at the top of the list.

I started out by responding to a need I saw with one small gift.

In time, it has multiplied and divided many times over, thanks to great effort on the part of many to give this group of very special children a chance at a better life.

We want for them the things that we know God wants for them:

Enough to eat.

Clothes to wear.

Joy and happiness in life.

And a chance for a brighter future.

Together, we work hard to make sure they have every opportunity

to become the best version of themselves,

unhindered by poverty:

 the lack of safety, food, medical care, education, attention, 

spiritual direction, or opportunity.

In Jesus' name we come offering all that we have to help.


She and her twin brother were 3 when their parents passed away from cholera. Cheerful, spunky and sweet.


Has been at CUAED most of her life after losing parents and siblings. Loving, fun and kind; a leader among the kids.


There are more stories behind those eyes than any 7 year old should have experienced.