Founded by one, but surrounded and supported by many.

Sharon Holst, Founder and Chair

Sharon's desire to follow God's call led her to Togo in 2019, 2020, and most recently, in January 2022. She is blessed to apply her time and effort to the organization of Trees by the Water free of charge.

As a quiet leader, 

I started out by responding to a need I saw with one small gift.

In time, it has multiplied and divided many times over, thanks to great efforts on the part of many supporters with the same vision.  

Together, we work to give each child and family in our sphere of influence a chance at a better life.

We want them to have the things that we know God wants for them:

Enough to eat.

Clothes to wear.

Joy and happiness in life.

And a chance for a brighter future.

Together, we work hard to make sure they have every opportunity

to become the best version of themselves,

unhindered by poverty:

 safety, food, medical care, education, attention, 

spiritual direction, or opportunity.

In Jesus' name, we offer all that we have to serve Him - our time, talents, and treasure.  Will you do your part? 

Thank you and may God bless you.... 2 Cor. 9:6-15

Website Assistant

Nicole Garrett



Linda Cox        

Our Board is made up of friends of this ministry who have been involved since the early days.  Each one has a heart to serve children and families in Togo!

Executive Advisor 

Darlene Petrie

Darlene has experience of a 35-year career in social services with youth, as well as organizational leadership, in her hometown of Alberta, CANADA. She has been invovled with our group in Togo since 2017.

Language Consultant

Elisabeth Chicheportiche

Elisabeth has lived in France for a number of years.  She applies her language expertise and heart for children and families in difficult circumstances as she assists us with relationships in French-speaking Togo.