Projects in Togo

Togo is a country with deep poverty and illiteracy throughout the rural areas.  Often basic infrastructure is lacking, such as clean water, sanitation, and access to electricity.  Because of the severe poverty and lack of development, many families endure stresses due to having little or no income.  These families cannot afford school, medical care, clothing or even food, going months with nothing except occasional meals of simple maize or rice.  Men may desert their wives and children, leaving the family unit with no income to care for itself.  There are no social safety nets.  

Children in such situations fall into the care of other villagers, who often can't afford to take in an extra mouth to feed.  They may end up in the care of an elderly grandparent with no income or be left to wander in search of food and sleep in the open.  Some migrate to larger cities, where it is even more dangerous for them.  Many of these children will never attend school unless outside help somehow appears, since they must come up with the fees and supplies first.  Without intervention they will continue to live without hope and without the knowledge of God in the world.  Boys may be enticed by the offer of food into an orphanage of another faith which will train them in violent radical ideology.  Girls become vulnerable to be trafficked into domestic or sex slavery.  Children labor in mines.

Project 1


CUAED is the place that 60 orphaned, semi-orphaned or vulnerable children call home. It's the creation of TENGUE Messan, who founded this organization in 2015.

Some of the children of CUAED have been in TENGUE's care since their parents died in cholera or typhoid outbreaks in 2010-2012.  Many of the older children are now between 12 -15 years of age and need support to find and follow a  constructive future path in life.

*Offering assistance in nutritional support, Literacy, Basic Health Care, Christian spiritual teaching, planning for careers or independent living after orphanage.

TENGUE (back row, far left) and some of the children of CUAED Togo Orphanage under the roof of the new village church in Afanou Cope, March 2020.

Project 2


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