Our Story

Trees by the Water was founded to become a vehicle for reaching children and families that are suffering from effects of extreme poverty of both body and spirit. It grew out of the founder's understanding that Christian compassion is not optional for believers in Christ. Those who belong to Christ are called to cross boundaries of geography and culture to reach the ones who need His hope, healing, and love. 

Our involvement has seen changes in the village: clean water, shelter, food, vaccinations, clothing, school fees/uniforms/supplies, and an audio Bible player equipped with the Bible in Ewe. Out of several years of experience, and with a desire to see this ministry expand to other small villages, “Trees by the Water International Ministries, Inc.” was born in 2020. 

We are striving to find ways to serve the children and their families and provide them with the physical, social, educational, and spiritual advantages that can move them forward into a stable and productive future as contributing members of their society. We are interested in providing knowledge and resources to stem the impact of systemic poverty in the rural areas of Togo, outside the capital city of Lome. 


  We are thankful for the involvement of each donor who embraces this mission. We hope that they sense the satisfaction and share in the rewards of seeing the changed lives of the Children of Alouenou Village.

Leaders and children help clean up after a communal meal at the project, Children of Alouenou Village.